Detail information of Pikey Peak Trek

Pikey Peak is one of the best viewpoints in the lower Everest region to see the magnificent view of Everest, Makalu and Kanchenjunga Mountain range. The route to this peak is recently discovered and not famous yet. But this beaten trail to the lower Khumbu region offers much scenery, beauty, and the natural diversity throughout the trail. Many of the mountain climbers in the Everest region claim that this place is the best spot to capture the best view of the world’s highest mountain.

Pikey Peak Trek Introduction

A trekking to the summit of Pikey Peak at around 4200m from the sea level in the beautiful and famous Everest region is popularly known as the Pikey Peak trek. You can either choose a flight or trek from the capital Kathmandu to reach the main gate for the pikey peak trek. People will go through the route of the classic Everest base camp trek used by the legendary climbers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa till Jhampre in Jeep drive. 

A beautiful scenery from jeep drive in the eastern region with beautiful farmland and panoramic green hills with Sherpa community and their culture are unique and adorable to experience. Known to be the best alternative to Everest Short Trek as both treks offer the beautiful view of Everest. Pikey Peak is also a popular beaten trail to explore the typical culture of Sherpa People along with their hospitality and food behavior. The mid-eastern region contains people of Rai, Magar, Gurung, Newar, and Tamang people allowing you to know more about the caste and their culture in Nepal. 

Trek through the rhododendron forest covered by Pine and Oak trees in the remote area will make you forget all the tiredness and challenges faced before reaching there. A beautiful scenery with rich cultural aspect in the Himalayan range of Nepal is one of the most beautiful and great trekking destinations in Nepal discovered in recent years.

How much does is Cost for the Trekking

Choosing the drive and trek option from the Kathmandu would be comes at reasonable cost. You will need to have an experienced Guide expert in tackling all the difficulties that comes around you to successfully complete the trek. A porter is necessary as well in order to bring all your belongings and equipment for the pikey peak trek. A guide charges around 30$ a day and a porter comes around 20$ a day. 

Food costing is little bit high in the high altitude as compared to the city area. Vehicle transportation is rare in Himalayan region of Nepal so they need to carry all the goods all the way from the city area. Normal Nepali food Dal Bhat comes at around 5$ in the lower Khumbu region. Accommodation cost would not bother the team as it would cost you about 5$ a night in one of the renowned hotels in the night-stay spot.  You can even choose a camping trek. For this you need to bring all the goods, tents and other material which requires other porters.

Equipment and other gear for trekking in snowy areas need to be bought. A bottle of drinking water costs around 1 USD and the same goes to a cup of Tea. Hidden cost also should be counted as it might even go higher as per need. 

Adding all the costs, the normal cost for the Pikey Peak Trek comes to around 550$ for 7 days trekking. It might hit your mind that the trek can be completed in 7 days? Oh yes. If you are fine enough and mentally strong the trek will be completed in 7 days. 

Itinerary for the Pikey Peak Trek

On the first day of the trek the team will head towards Dhap on a shared jeep with beautiful scenery captured on your camera. On the following day our hiking starts at Dhap and heads towards the Jampre at around 2920m height. Overnight stay in Jampre will allow you to explore the village with beautiful sunset views.

Reaching the base camp of the pikey peak would be the main target of the third day exploring the forest, farmland, and villages that come in your way. Travelers will stay in a good hotel in Base Camp with delicious Sherpa food for dinner and plan for the next day to climb to the top of the Peak. Another day is the best and main day of the whole trek, as it would be a great experience to watch Everest standing right next to you. A majestic sunrise view can also be seen in case of good weather. Taking some snaps and analyzing the view leads us to trek back to Loding for overnight Stay.

Morning walk in the downhills to reach Junbesi the other day is extra beautiful and exciting. With an overnight stay in Junbesi you can see the School founded by Edmund Hillary. The next morning the traveler will move towards Phaplu exploring cultural and religious beliefs of locals in the Pikey trekking region. Official end of the trek journey in Phaplu will lead people to drive back to Kathmandu the next day.

The best season

The best time to trek to the Pikey peak is the same as other trekking destinations in Nepal. Autumn, and spring are the best time to trek in high Himalayas as you won’t be hit with extreme weather conditions at this time. Also, the beautiful view of the majestic mountain will be clearly visible over this period of time. Our target is to see the clear view of Everest Makalu and other famous mountains in the Everest region along with the best trekking experience in Pikey Peak. This would be possible in clear weather without clouds, snowfall, rainfall, and other technical difficulties. 

Not only as an aspect of scenery, but comparatively the trekking also seems to be easy and fantastic as compared to winter and monsoon season. Rainfall, Snowfall upto your height won’t allow you to take even a step further in these seasons respectively. No slippery path and easy trekking trails will make you think to come another time in the Pikey Peak trek.

Equipment for the Pikey trekking

A hat to restrict the sunlight and a scarf for your safety in Neck is recommended along with Sunglass to protect eyes from many difficulties. Waterproof Jacket, down Jacket And some warm cloth should be brought. The temperature will fall upto -15 degree at the top of the peak and you need to be well prepared to tackle these difficulties. 

Shoes with grips to make comfortable to walk on snow path will consume less energy and make you feel less tiredness. Light pants are available in Thamel will be good option for this type of long trekking in hilly region. 

Other equipment are listed below

  • Thick Socks
  • Gloves
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Suncream
  • Toiletries
  • Trekking Bag
  • Camera

There is much more necessary equipment that needs to be brought for a successful trip completion. To make a beautiful memory in the Pikey peak required lots of minor gears and equipment. We recommend you to consult with the trekking organizer company to make the best experience of the trip with perfect and sufficient equipment.

Route Map

A route map prociding all the information about the surrounding of the trek is provided below.  Height of near places, route and all the detailed information is included in the Map. Pikey Peak Trek Map is the best tool to know more about the altitude shape of the route, and expected visiting places. 

Difficulty Level of Pikey Peak Trek

With all the trekking gear to be brought correctly this trek seems to be easier than other treks in the Khumbu region. Even if you need to trek upto 4000 meters, it would be easier with a great team of experts, and suitable gear as well.

A good fitness level is recommended to maintain to perform any kind of trekking, peak climbing, and expedition in Nepal. Along with the physical ability, you need to be well prepared mentally too. Making a good mindset will always encourage you to do better and achieve bigger in the Himalayan range. If you book the Pikey Peak trek keeping these things in mind it would be an easy trek to do in the lower Khumbu region. 

Is there any kind of special permit 

No, there is not any kind of special permit necessary for this trek. It is not a restricted region and permits are essential to buy only for trekking like Manaslu Circuit Trek which lies in the restricted region.

Any chance of Altitude Sickness?

There is less chance of you being caught by the Altitude sickness, but yet it is possible. There are few things that you need to do to avoid this problem

  • Drink More water
  • Take rest frequently
  • We recommend even an acclimatization day for safe completion.
  • Walk Slowly
  • Avoid smoking and drinking


With all the provided information and recommendation, anyone can complete the trek easily and effectively. Use this information while booking the pikey peak trek with any of the travel agencies.  Bring all the equipment, guide, and porter and please do the trek in autumn and winter for best experience. We hope to see you soon in Nepal.