12 Reason to Study in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular study destination countries for foreign students. Education at the highest academic level, versatile courses and service orientation are some of the reasons why more and more international students choose to study in Australia.

12 Reason to Study in Australia

  1. High-quality research and teaching

The top universities in Australia enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide and are always among the top-ranked in rankings, like QS World University Rankings, U.S.News Global Universities Rankings.

Australia’s educational level is one of the highest in the world, which will give you a first-class degree. As a student, you can enjoy all the benefits of first-class education, with well-trained faculty and professors and a flexible education system.

  1. International recognised degree

Thanks to the very good education system and the sound study offered in Australian universities, Australian degrees and study content are recognized worldwide and always welcome on the job market. Therefore, studying in Australia can also boost your career and possibly help you find a dream job. After all, young professionals who have deepened their knowledge abroad are generally considered to be more flexible, independent and open-minded.

  1. Sustainable and practice-based knowledge management

Small classes and study method of linking theory with practice are actively challenged and encouraged. Open consultation hours of the professors and well-structured curricula guarantee a practice-oriented and sustainable knowledge transfer. During the semester, various services are provided that count as a percentage of the final grade. The advantage is that some bad services can be made up by others so that you are not 100 percent dependent on the final exam. All in all, Many students find studying in Australia is more time-consuming, but also more effective and sustainable.

4.Significantly lower tuition and living costs

The cost of studying in Australia compared to e.g. the US, significantly lower. The tuition fees generally amount to about AU$ 16,000-18,000 per year. These fees also guarantee the first-class study at world-renowned and high-ranking universities.

The cost of living is also much lower in Australia than in the US, Canada or the United Kingdom. A big advantage for students in Australia is that you can work with your student visa Australia for up to 20 hours a week. Thus, you can earn extra money to make your dreams come true, like bungee jumping in the mountains, a trip through the outback or a flight to the Fiji Islands.

  1. More than study

With tuition fees paid by international and local students, Australia universities are much more service-oriented in their offers than universities in other countries. The standard of each university helps with accommodation or job search, as well as tutoring facilities where students are prepared to write academic papers, among other things. There are also excellent recreational opportunities on campus: Barbecues, concerts at the university bar and numerous university clubs ranging from kite surfing to bushwalking making it easy to make contact with other “Internationals” As well as locals. Few countries in the world offer international students such a comprehensive service.

  1. Life-changing experiences

Studying far from home has its advantages because it gives you the opportunity to fully engage in life. Diving into another kind of life will make you more communicative, independent, open, free and self-confident. We are convinced that a few experiences will shape your personality as much as the experiences you will have during your study abroad.

  1. Clear admission requirements

To study in Australia, first of all, your course application must be accepted by an Australia university. Satisfactory grades and a passing English test are usually sufficient for admission.

  1. Big selection of study programs

Australia offers a wide range of subjects for you to study. We are happy to help you find the optimal program for your desired subject.

  1. English language

Nowhere else can you learn the language better than where it is spoken. English is more important than ever to study and work.

  1. Travel

Semester breaks and weekends offer the opportunity to explore the fascinating red continent. Few countries in the world are so easy to travel as backpackers. There are endless ways to enjoy your time and to visit places you would otherwise only know from television, such as the great barrier reef, the endless expanse of the outback, the breathtaking beaches or the bustling metropolises. Australia! – Zealand! Will gladly give you insider tips.

  1. Australia is a safe country

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world. Of course, in Australia, too, raids, burglaries and other offences are much less common than in many other countries. Australia is also economically stable and solidly positioned. The global economic crisis also affects Australia mainly indirectly. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of a nice stay, with many unique experiences in terms of safety.

  1. Open-minded and hospitable people in the land of diversity Australia Outback

“Last but not least” is the reason Australia is known worldwide: friendly people and a breathtaking variety of land, culture and wildlife. Australia is home to many species that are not only endangered, but live nowhere else in the world. Koalas and kangaroos are just two of many species worth exploring. But also the seemingly endless sandy beaches of Australia are unique worldwide and promise experiences that you will never forget. In addition, Australians are well known for their hospitality and open-mindedness.