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Upgrading Your Home’s Benchtops: Making The Right Choice

Home's Benchtops

Installing a countertop to your bath is an investment toward permanently transforming the space. With a new bathroom vanity, you can have a positive impact on the value of your property. On the bottom line, vanities make your bath space upgraded without having to make any primary repairs. Vanities may be completely personalized, from the outside elements to the selection of inside accessories, to offer both flair and usefulness to your space. Vanities have become functional and an aesthetic accessory of most homes and bath spaces. Also, they make a significant segment of interior investment that is made to last. Thus, choosing vanity tops requires attention. And one must consider several factors before making a buy.

Tips to follow

Bathroom vanities are prominent areas in bathrooms since they house the sinks as well as some counter and storage space. As part of a bathroom’s overall design, vanities and countertops can serve as an attractive design element, displaying a preferred style. According to a recent survey, Australian bathroom Renovations cost $17,000 in a single year. Your bathroom countertop will not be exposed to hot pans or cooking spills. As a result, one may choose style over other considerations in your selection. However, choosing a nice surface gives the sensation of a holiday in a high-end hotel and floods in with compliments with guests. Colour, finish, and tactile feel are all alternatives to consider. Here is a list of things to get to know before investing in a vanity top,

1. Know the number (dimensions)

Even though bathroom proportions are common, not all house is designed the same. Measure your existing vanity and go from there. Begin by measuring your available area. Beginning with the bathroom’s size will help you restrict your search for bathroom vanities that will comfortably fit. Measure every panel from edge to edge with a measuring tape, then draw your results on graph paper. The thumb rule is to remember that bathroom cabinets are usually available in 3-inch increments.

2. The material matters

Choosing the appropriate material for bathroom vanities makes up a vital segment of the entire buy process. External factors like mold, mildew, and moisture must be added to consideration. Thus, never overlook the significance of checking out the material. One best material to use is stone. It is noteworthy to remember that  Quartz or granite countertops are difficult to surpass when it comes to bathroom elegance. Stone vanity tops come in a variety of hues and designs, are fashionable yet ageless. They are a guaranteed statement of luxury when used. Laminates are well-known for their Laminate countertops are low-maintenance, long-lasting, and cost-effective. Laminate countertops come in a variety of patterns and colors, with textures ranging from mottled to very glossy and smooth.

3. Decide on the style

Vanities that are installed on the wall are known as wall mount vanities. They give the area an ultra-chic aesthetic and let the bath space appear spacious. They also add to the amount of standing area in the bathroom. Modern style designs are more likely to have this sort of vanity. Constructed bathroom vanities are ideal for larger bathrooms since they provide extra storage. They are easily adaptable, allowing them to fit into bathrooms with unique forms or layouts.

4. A take on the style

Vanities are the ideal way to make a statement in your bath space. There are a variety of colors and styles from which to choose it comes to vanity bases. Attractive white, black, and grey tones, as well as hardwood, give your bathroom a hint of understated elegance.

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