Some Start-Ups Bucks County Area Agency On Aging For The Senior Group

By the time it is 2060, around 98 million Americans will be over the age group of 65 years and that will be around 24% of the population. So, a large number of these people will be in jobs, with around 27% of men over 65 years are even predicted to be working till 2022. It clearly states that there is an obvious need for those companies, which are designed to cater to aging community. These companies are going to address everything from healthcare to even the entertainment departments.

There are so many startups, which are working on wider ranges of opportunities in the ageing field. However, with such opportunities, it is mandatory for you to get hold of confusion. There has always been one significant increase in the space for the startups, but it might even lead to any increase in the noise. There are so many aging companies, which are offering some of the high tech solutions. So, you need to know how you are going to start and from where. 

One example has to be Fike, which is a partner at the Generator Ventures, and it cofounded the Aging 2.0 network for helping in addressing the challenge and then separate wheat from chaff. Over the period of two days, there are various companies, which spoke right about their ideas and what they are hoping to do with the same. Be sure to learn everything possible about the bucks county area agency on aging and then you can actually head for the option, which seems to be the perfect one for you.

The Steadiglove for the Shaky Hands from Steadiwear:

Have you ever imagine a time when all of a sudden, you will fail to brush your teeth or dress up yourself? It might sound like a nightmare, but it is what reality stands for around 12 million Americans with hand tremors, mainly because of Parkinson’s and other tremor diseases. On a global standing, there are around 230 million people suffering from this same field. Among the patients was Elias’ grandmother, who will inspired to create Steadiglove.

  • Now, it is mandatory for you to know how it actually works. With a proficient mix of nanotechnology and engineering, people with these gloves will end up with instant tremor relief. 
  • It is more or less a similar system on how buildings get equipped with the earthquake proof technology. It means they are likely to stay functional in even any form of quake.
  • The items are free from battery and the result remains incredible. It has been proven that artists can actually draw straight line in place of squiggles and people can even pick up their drinks without any fear of spilling it.
  • The prototype is quite large to say the least but also in their early stages of development. The future iterations are likely to be more subtle in nature. In case of problem solving, this stage is way better than what you can perceive.

Seismic with its powered clothing:

With age, losing the art of mobility is one major cause behind social isolation. However, some of the startup companies like Seismic will aim to change this notion and for a long time. This company has been working hard to develop their well-known suit for quite some time now. It is stated that the suit will come right to the market by 2018 mainly on subscription plan based service.

  • The items are designed to be worn under the clothes and it will mainly look like any skin tight suit. There are some futuristic decorations available, which are designed to serve one purpose.
  • These decorations are mainly used for powering that power boost to those people who are losing strength in their legs and hips.
  • There will be compression but that will not be painful. It is like a less impressive version of the Spanx. The idea is that the pads with the exoskeleton will have tiny motors to provide that powered boost to muscles while doing some activities like sitting and standing, and it will energize the items a bit more to provide little help up.
  • The plan of this company is to have male and female versions, and the suits are made available in 5 different sizes, and the items are mad to be machine washed in nature.
  • As the elderly people find it hard to enjoy mobility like before, this form of product is a fantastic one and a much needed option as well. It is one that will revolutionize the way in which you actually think of mobility with growing age.

Dementia friendly digitalized world under Deva World from Mentia:

When you will first try out the game Deva World, there are some orders that you need to focus at. Most of the time, people try to play this game rather swiftly by impatiently swiping on the items and then actually getting frustrated when nothing seems to happen. Old people will not understand the value of swipe but they will tap. So this game is designed consciously to be slow for targeting dementia patients and to help them keep up with the game.

  • This game was launched in November 2017, and this experience was mainly designed for around 13.8 million people, who are predicted to be suffering from dementia by 2050. 
  • This game is quite straightforward in nature. The player just has to follow Julie, which is an animated character through her home inside garden, living room space and more.
  • This game is purposely crafted to be in a naturalistic setting for enriching and even entertaining the minds of the patients right now.
  • This game is mainly designed to be used with caregiver. It will not just help the person working to be engaged with but will also give them little break from stressful jobs.

With the field of science and technology growing hand in hand, more such start-up firms are coming up with such revolutionary changes. You can go through those names and choose your pick.