Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking: The Rise Of Vape Culture Among The US Teens

Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

Vaping and e-cigarette usage has been slowly on the rise in the last few years among the US adult population. Considering some of the dangers that many news agencies and articles promote regarding cigarette use, vaping is ultimately a good thing compared to smoking 2-3 packets of cigarettes every day. Using safe and toxic-free compounds, cigarettes and CBD vapes are popular, promoting a rise in America’s new vape culture ever since the inception of the vaping device.

While traditional cigarettes have found customers dwindling every year, vaping is on the rise, especially among the younger population. And there are several good reasons as to why that is so, and they are mentioned below:

1. Better Alternative To Smoking 

America has a lot of chronic smokers, and many of them develop complications after years of continuous use. Traditional cigarettes consist of high levels of nicotine that can make any normal user addicted to these compounds. The toxic compounds can affect the lungs and ultimately lead to heart diseases, tuberculosis, bronchitis, and even lung and mouth cancer. 

Even though vaping devices consist of nicotine, it does not have such high levels of compounds, and it certainly doesn’t have any metals or other toxic carcinogens present inside them. As a result, vaping devices have been recommended to habitual smokers and chronic tobacco users to break the chain of addiction and recover. Regular smokers can cut down on chronic usage of nicotine by using vaping devices without undergoing the mental strain of going cold turkey.

2. Cheaper Too

Although vaping does require a considerable initial investment, chronic smokers dish out more than that every time they buy a pack. Add the expenses throughout the year, and the cost of vaping comes out to be way less than that spent on cigarette packs. Vape oils for devices such as CBD vapes also don’t cost much either. This is the reason why many youngsters are taking to this lifestyle rather than consuming regular cigarettes.

3. Less Toxic

FDA regulations in the US regarding vaping devices are very strict, and as a result, most of the compounds that go into making the vaping oil are carefully assessed and manufactured. That means no toxic elements like metallic or carcinogenic compounds and no other ingredients. Compared to cigarettes, vaping devices are relatively a safer option health-wise.

4. They Are More Accepted In The Society

There is always a stigma surrounding chain smokers, and many places prohibit them outright. Vaping devices don’t have such restrictions, and they are even accepted by society as a better alternative or lifestyle choice. Smoke from vapes doesn’t last or cause foul odors; they don’t irritate the people surrounding the user and do not stain the mouth or the teeth. In short, they don’t cause as many problems to the public as regular smoking does.

5. A Variety Of Options

Vaping oils have many options available for their customers and many flavors to offer for the curious vapers. Different flavors satiate the need for variety, and different models for vaping devices ensure that the customers can set their preferences when it comes to nicotine intake or smoke output. Customers can choose how strong their nicotine is in the vaping oil or juice and regulate the size to control the output or capacity. Regular cigarettes don’t offer much in terms of flavor or variety. 

A lot of shops and stores in the US have all the vaping gear the customers need, and many online shops can bring them right to the doorstep. Enjoy the experience of smoking without all the ill effects!

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