Path of Exile – The Best Gear to Wear for the Impale Spectral Throw Champion Build

Use PoE Currency for Exciting Build. 

If you have been looking for efficient ways to spend your PoE currency, or perhaps wanting to get the most out of PoE trade, then you should always consider the build that you are working towards. In this instance, we are taking a look at how the Impale Spectral Throw Champion build works, and what the best gear is going to be.

The build is pretty simple in terms of how it operates. You have a main skill known as Spectral Throw, which can be scaled in ways of your choosing. If you are going for out and out physical damage, then read on as this build will make you particularly powerful. Especially if you scale the throw with Pure Physical Damage, along with Critical Strikes and Impales. Using Empower with further increase this damage output, as will the likes of Herald of Purity through Circle of Guilt. 

What Ascendancy to Use

Moving on, and we are going down the Champion route for Ascendancy. For progression, take a look at Master of Metal, which will increase your base physical damage with your Impale stacks, and will give you more stacks to work with. You can add immunity to being stunned with Unstoppable Hero, which will also increase your attack speed and base armor. 

Fortitude meanwhile will give you improvements and consistency to your defenses and will ensure that you get the Unstoppable Hero bonuses as well. Finally, in the path of Ascendancy, we have Inspirational, which gives you to option to reserve a banner for free.

Best Gear

Starting with the Helmet, the Dusk Shelter will increase your accuracy, maximum life, and resistance to lightning. With an enchanted base, you can also reduce the Spectral Throw Projectile Deceleration by 30%. Meanwhile, for your body, you should check out the Hate Veil, since it can offer a boost on elemental resistances and socketed attacks have a reduced mana cost. 

Hands of the High Templar make great gloves, which can be corrupted several times and won’t affect your PoE currency too much since they are quite common to find. Maelstrom Pace is important boots to have as well, since they offer Tailwind if you have recently dished out a critical strike to an enemy. With belts, we are able to make up for resistances that may have been missing from the rest of the gear that we have equipped. In this case, the Mind Lock can add resistances for cold, lightning, and fire. 

Then we need to find the best amulet and rings set up we can get. The traits we are looking for are damage, attributes, and life, and should be crafted well enough to make a difference. For this, the Agony Torc turquoise amulet can be of great use. For your rings, find those that will add to your maximum life, as well as elemental resistances to ensure your build is one to be reckoned with. Increases to attributes and physical damage to attacks will also work great in your favor. 

With this setup for your character’s gear, you should be able to make the most of your champion. It doesn’t have to be too hard on your PoE currency either if any of the items are already premade. Keep in mind also that elemental gear will help you scale through those earlier levels much easier, and it is easy for you to get your hands on too. 

Have you tried this Impale Spectral Throw Champion build? Let us know in the comments section below!