OSRS – How Training Skills Works

Train Skills with OSRS Gold.

At its core, training is something that players partake in to increase their experience in a number of skills. Whilst OSRS gold often plays a big part in some of these techniques, we have to remember that there is a lot of time and effort that can go into them. However, it is worth mentioning that the get the training done in a faster manner, many opt to buy OSRS gold to help them get to where they need to be. However, there are cheaper skills that take more of your time to level up. 

The way in which Old School Runescape training is performed depends entirely on the individual player. Some players are simply looking to gain experience as quickly as possible. Others meanwhile are looking for a steady rate of leveling with less effort to be made, or some prefer to use training to make money. 

Leveling Quickly

There are some levels that you can spend your OSRS gold on to obtain higher levels in a quicker manner. For example, you can go to the Grand Exchange in order to purchase supplies for skills such as Prayer, Construction, Crafting and Cooking. These buyable skills are easy enough to train with normal accounts, though Ironmen accounts will need to gather these supplies themselves. Herblore is a good example of this, as Ironmen will have to use OSRS Farming methods or kill monsters to get the right ingredients, whilst normal accounts could simply purchase the ingredients they need.

The Quest Point Cape

Getting this item can give you the motivation needed to get those skills trained. It can be obtained by those who have completed all of the main quests, and can be purchased from the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village for a cost of 99,000 coins. 

Completing quests is a necessity for you to get your hands-on better equipment and ways of leveling skills as well. The cape will also help with Slayer tasks if you choose to do them, and can also help you with getting the Achievement Diaries done as well. 

Passive Skill Experience 

When you are training certain skills, you may be able to increase experience in other skills passively. Say if you were to take up the Barbarian Fishing method, which is considered to be one of the quickest ways for you to train your Fishing skill, you could also gain Strength and Agility experience as well. Another example is using an infernal axe or infernal pickaxe with Woodcutting and mining respectively, which would help you earn passive Firemaking and Smithing experience too. 

Spending Money to Level

A lot of players opt for finding a vendor online that will sell OSRS gold, which is often then used to train skills. The likes of Crafting, Herblore, Prayer, Smithing and Construction are all skills that are expensive for you to level up. What’s more, the less pricey methods are much slower for you to use, so you may consider forking out to level faster. However, before you do spend your hard-earned OSRS gold, be sure to take a look at which method is going to work best for you. The path that you take will depend on how much money you have available to you, as well as how much of it you are willing to part with. It also depends on whether you are willing to use an alternative account to help you in the moneymaking process, and if you are wanting to put in the time to level the skills without spending too much. 

Alternative Accounts

As mentioned, there is the option to play alternative accounts in order to make more money. You can then continue to train your skills on your main account. This means that you can keep making money and opt for the more expensive training methods to help you gain experience faster. You can also use this method to get faster experience rates for particular skills, so you could for example loot the drop of Slayer monsters after luring them for barraging. 

These are all viable ways in which to train skills, but you should now have more of an idea about training skills in Old School RuneScape. It is going to set you back a lot of OSRS gold to get the most effective training methods to work for you, but as you will have read already there are ways of getting around it. 

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