The Benefits of Fusion Fitness

Many of the new yoga and spin studios opening today have started to merge practices instead of focusing on one. You’ll find when searching for a specific spin class Los Angeles, it likely won’t be a basic “hop on the bike and ride” type of class, but rather a combination of popular workouts. These popular workout classes and facilities have become the new leading voice within the fusion fitness movement. What is fusion fitness, you ask? Allow us to break it all down for you.

What is Fusion Fitness?

Becoming sought-after in the wake of workout trends such as SoulCycle and CrossFit, fusion fitness is the simple concept of combining at least two workout regiments in order to target more parts of your body within the same time period. This means your muscles will be challenged in multiple ways, rather than just one, while simultaneously making the most of your limited time to exercise. Many of the fusion fitness classes available today are modeled on sound health science and garner results from class members on a weekly, oftentimes daily basis. Whether or not your gym offers yoga or spin classes built around fusion fitness, also referred to as hybrid workouts, you are more than capable of infusing another activity within your traditional workout in order to gain the benefits of a fusion fitness workout.

Maybe you love to run but hate lifting weights. Try beginning and ending your run with some weight lifting to target regions of your body unaffected by cardio. Once you’ve implemented this change, then start lifting the weights during your run. The same can be done for yoga. Instead of holding the pose for an extended period of time, try moving through the position using weights or bands. This will help you build strength along with the balance and flexibility for which yoga is best known.

Benefits of Fusion Fitness

There are many advantages to taking part in fusion fitness instead of a traditional class or workout session. We’ve compiled a few of these benefits to further guide you below:

  • Targets and enhances many features of fitness such as strength, endurance, agility, balance, and core strength
  • Improves the functionality of your workout
  • Helps prevent you from getting bored midway through your workout
  • Pushes your muscles to work and grow by utilizing different fitness techniques
  • Combines your favorite workouts like yoga, cardio, and strength training in an effort to steadily challenge both your body and mind
  • Helps people with limited time double their workout efficiency over the same period of exercise
  • Provides new or advanced exercises to improve your strength, conditioning, and health in general

10 Hybrid Workouts

In addition to popular workouts like cycle & yoga or yoga & hand weights hybrid classes, a variety of other fusion workouts are also available at your fingertips. Some examples of these alternative hybrid workouts include:

  • Yoga + Cardio + Core conditioning = Core Yoga
  • Yoga + Pilates = Yogilates
  • Boxing + Pilates = Piloxing
  • Treadmill running + Strength training = Tread
  • Low-impact cardio + Strength training in the pool = Water Boot Camp
  • Yoga + Exercise ball = Yoga on the Ball
  • Yoga + Resistance bands = Yoga Fusion with Bands
  • Ballet + Pilates + Core conditioning = The Barre Code
  • Pilates + Yoga = PiYo
  • Pilates + Drumming = Pound

The rising popularity of fusion fitness and hybrid workouts can be attributed to people becoming more health-conscious than ever, but still only have a limited amount of time to exercise. Combine those reasons with the group camaraderie of an organized class and you’ve got the perfect combination for the newest, highly productive workout trend. Fusion fitness is a great source for getting your health back on track in the new year. Look into any of the hybrid classes mentioned above to launch your fusion fitness journey today.