The Best of TV, Movies, and What’s Currently Streaming in 2020

The 21st century is the peak era for television and movies from the best crime stories To Blockbuster Movies And Comedy Capers. The content produced today is the best to have been produced ever. What is the reason for that? Well, today’s technology enables us to go way back in 73 BC to have a glance on the events happened with the slave leader Spartacus or it can take us to experience the future and see what will happen if a devastating nuclear war wiped out the whole of humanity or to experience the life in space with movies like Gravity or The Martian. This flexibility was never possible before today. Yes, in the past there have been several great movies and TV Shows produced which were great due to their stories of valour or bravery and also crime and romance but not due to their visuals and graphics.


1) THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION: This movie by Frank Darabont Andy Dufresne as  a successful banker imprisoned for the murder of his family which he didn’t commit. Here he meets and becomes friends with Red. This movie teaches the most important life lesson that when someone is experiencing the most difficult time of his/her life and thinks out of the box then it’s the best time to do that. It reflects the most difficult 19 years of anyone’s life.

2) THE DARK KNIGHT: This masterpiece of Christopher Nolan released in 2008 based on the DC comic character Batman, who was successfully keeping the city of Gotham from crime with the help of Lt. and DA. Until a new criminal by the name of Joker debuts in Gotham city and is the deadliest the city has ever seen. The Movie has the batman as the hero, but the acting is done by Heath Ledger (Late) as Joker attracted the audience and made them watch this masterpiece multiple times.

3) THE GODFATHER II: This movie was the second part of GODFATHER and became one of the most popular movies of all time that still lies among the top watched and liked movies by viewers. This is the story of the Italian mob family who regained its hold after an almost assassination of its patriarch. The movie being violent, emotional, funny, intense, and much more is an inspiration even today for moviemakers and an attraction for story lovers.

4) LORD OF THE RINGS: This story in which the future of civilization depends upon one ring which has been lost for decades. Some powerful and evil forces are in search of this ring, but it gets into the hands of a young hobbit which makes him step into the legend. His quest becomes to destroy this ring at the place of its origin, Mount Doom. 


1) BREAKING BAD: This 2008 American season presents the story of a chemistry teacher Walter White and how he managed to come up with the purist drug ever. Its 5 seasons are a bit slow but very interesting. This season is the mirror image of the high value of its stars, directors, and writers. Its popularity has gone up since its release in 2008 and now in 2020 after featuring 5 seasons it now stands as the best-rated tv series of the world with the highest rating of 9.5.

2) GAME OF THRONES: This popular tv series that features history, politics, and war was loved very much by its viewers. The hard work that was put in this series by its owners can be seen by looking at its filming locations that included mostly Belfast of UK and Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco & Spain. This HBO series started in 2011 and ended in 2019 with 73 episodes was one of its kind.

3) PRISON BREAK: This series showcases the divine love of a brother as well as his intelligence as he is a structural engineer who goes into the prison that he designed to save his falsely accused brother. This series of 6 seasons is a reality-based season not based on science fiction or myths and this is what attracts its viewers and makes it an 8.3 star rated season.

4) DEXTER: Dexter is a story of a man with homicidal tendencies or in easy words a serial killer. He was a forensic technician in the Miami Police department and a bad nightmare for those corrupt people who were not punished by the judicial system. Dexter Morgan analyzed their cases and when found guilty they were killed with perfection. Being a homicidal technician, he was able to stage the crime scene with perfection without being caught.

5) SPARTACUS: Spartacus is a 2010 series that mirrors the real story of a warrior that was once a slave to the Romans. This gladiator arose in a successful rebellion from Capua from 71 to 73 BC. These three seasons by Steven S. DeKnight have a rating of 8.5.  


1) A SECRET LOVE: This is a story of 1947 in which a pro basketball player keeps her lesbian relationship a secret for almost seven decades. This masterpiece has a subscription of more than 14M.

2) ALL DAY AND NIGHT: This story of a rapper who ends up in prison and serves a life sentence for murder where he finds his way forward in life. This 3rd position streamed movie has more than 14M subscriptions.

3) HORSE GIRL: This is the story of a girl whose dreams affect her perception of reality. This psychological drama film released in February 2020 has a subscription of more than 13M and is the second most-streamed film.

4) MURDER TO MERCY: This story of Cyntoia Brown has been subscribed by more than 13M people on Netflix. It is a true story documented about a woman who was found guilty of robbing and murdering the man who had bought her for sex when she was only 16 years old. 

5) LOST GIRLS: With more than 13M subscribers this drama film is about a woman who is determined to find her lost daughter. This desperate woman launches a personnel investigation leading the police to the cases of murdered sex workers.

These were some of the best movies and tv series ever produced with their stories and the reasons why they are at the top positions on IMDB and Netflix. The top streamed movies and documentaries of 2020 are also discussed. On top of this, Gatsby has streamlined all the available possible streaming platforms for any movies/series mentioned above. Also, with their range of blog reviews of movies like Nomadland from 2020, they’re a reliable platform to check.